Environmental safety costs

Total environmental protection expenditures and investmentsExcluding VAT.,
RUB thousand
Costs for waste and discharge treatment and environmental
remediation costs
2017 2018 Change 2018/2017 (%)
Production and consumption waste disposal charge (tax) 78.36 94.87 21.6
Environmental impact charge (tax) 74.09 25.60 –65.5
Cost of pollutant wastewater discharges to the municipal sewerage 27.83 21.40 –23.1
Disposal of fluorescent lamps 58.98 64.51 9.4
Disposal of office equipment 71.66 122.03 70.3
Disposal of other waste (oil; air and oil filters; paper; cardboard; ferrous scrap metals) 326.68 508.98 55.8
Disposal of bulk waste 64.00 128.00 100
Contract for the obtaining of certification for waste of hazard Classes 1-4 and the registration in the State Control information system of the Federal Service for Supervision of Natural Resources (Rosprirodnadzor) 130.00 (one-time action) 0.00
Contract for the report preparation and filing with Rosprirodnadzor 35.00 149.00 325.7
Contract for the development of the Waste Generation and Disposal Limits draft standards 245.00 (Waste Generation and Disposal Limits draft standards, once every 5 years) 0.00
Contract for the development of the Environmental Monitoring and Industrial Control Program; waste disposal regulations for hazard Classes 1 and 2; collection, accumulation, storage, accounting and disposal regulations for production and consumption waste, as well as related health and safety regulations 150.00 (one-time action) 0.00
Total 1,261.60 1,114.39 –11.7

The increase in recycling costs was due to replacement of office furniture and scheduled replacement of fluorescent lamps with energy-efficient LED lamps. The sharp increase in the cost of bulk waste disposal was due to the large amount of repair work at Moscow Exchange premises and the resulting disposal of a large amount of broken furniture. This waste was disposed of at specialized landfills.

Moscow Exchange’s environmental footprint is relatively light, but we are still doing our best to further reduce this impact. Agreements, programs and other documents have been put in place to allow the Exchange to work with third-party specialist contractors and state oversight bodies as part of MOEX’s drive to ensure waste is properly disposed of and to include environmental reporting in the company’s management system.

Environmental impact prevention and environmental management system costsExcluding VAT,
RUB thousand
2017 2018 Change 2018/2017 (%)
Total 625.565 1,619.000 158.81