ESG Components


Corporate governance
Indicator GRI Standards Page
Board of Directors’ structure 102-18, 102-22 Moscow Exchange Corporate Governance Model and Practice in Brief
Non-executive director 102-18, 102-22, 102-23 Composition of the Supervisory Board
Nomination process for the Board of Directors 102-24 Activities of the Supervisory Board in 2018
Gender balance 102-8, 102-22, 405-1 Composition of the Supervisory Board
Functional responsibilities of the members of the Board of Directors and Committees 102-18 Role of the Supervisory Board
Composition of the Supervisory Board
Board of Directors’ effectiveness 102-15, 102-22 Activities of the Supervisory Board in 2018
Remuneration system and performance assessment system for managers Remuneration of Supervisory Board Members
Transparency of managers’ remuneration Remuneration of Supervisory Board Members
Ratio of employees’ remuneration to managers’ remuneration 102-38 Information on Members of the Executive Board
Ownership of the company’s shares by the management Information on Members of the Executive Board
Management and control system / accountability system Internal control system
Company’s involvement in crisis situations with potential negative impact on its reputation Risk Map
Risk management system and responsibility distribution in relation to GRI 102-19, 102-20, 102-29, 102-30 Key Risks
Risk map Risk Map
Sensitivity analysis against current risks (stress testing) Risk Map
New risks impacting the company’s future development Risk Management Strategy
Risk management strategy Risk Management Strategy
Codes of conduct and compliance 102-17 Moscow Exchange Corporate Governance Model and Practice in Brief
Code compliance control system 102-16, 102-17 Anti-corruption policy
Anti-bribery and corruption policy 415-1 Anti-corruption policy
Anti-bribery and corruption codes of conduct 2015-2 Anti-corruption policy
Report on the violation of the anti-bribery and corruption codes 102-17, 205-3 Anti-corruption policy
Risk events / incidents Risk Map
Improvement program Assessment of Performance of the Supervisory Board and Committees
Customer relationship management
Indicator GRI Standards Page
Market and customer segments overview Overview of the exchange industry
Management and control system / accountability system Client service
Online customer relationship management Client service
Customer satisfaction surveys 102-43,102-44 Client service
Security of customer data 418-1 Information technology
Brand management system Communication with Professional Community
Brand maintenance costs Communication with Professional Community
Brand development strategy 102-19, 102-20 Communication with Professional Community
Stakeholder expectations analysis Communication with Professional Community
Supply chain management Supply chain
Supplier analysis system 102-9 Supply chain
Risk assessment across the supply chain 102-9 Supply chain
Measures taken to manage critical risks related to the supply chain 102-9 Supply chain
Integration of ESG principles in the supply chain management system 308-1, 414-1, Supply chain
Advantages of the supply chain and their positive impact on the business Supply chain
Disclosed provisions of the supply chain management policy (publicly accessible) Supply chain
Tax strategy
Indicator GRI Standards Page
Approach to tax management (policy provisions) Consolidated Financial Statements
Approach to disclosing key financial and tax information G4-EC1 Consolidated Financial Statements
Tax risk management system Consolidated Financial Statements
Highlights of the customer privacy policy G4-PR8 Consolidated Financial Statements
Customer privacy practices (number of contracts, procedures, etc.) G4-PR8 Consolidated Financial Statements
Responsibility for using personal data G4-35 & G4-36, G4-PR8 Consolidated Financial Statements
Informing customers about the company’s privacy policy Consolidated Financial Statements
Data security system Consolidated Financial Statements
Risk events / incidents Consolidated Financial Statements
Improvement program Consolidated Financial Statements


Indicator GRI Standards Page
Environmental policy: key provisions and availability to stakeholders Environmental efficiency
Availability of environmental information to stakeholders 102-45, 102-46, 102-49 Environmental efficiency
Management and control system / accountability system Environmental efficiency
Environmental KPIs Environmental efficiency
Environmental performance management system Environmental efficiency
Energy consumption 302-1, 202-2 Energy Efficiency
Water consumption Water
Direct greenhouse gas emissions 102-13 Not relevant
Indirect greenhouse gas emissions 102-13 Not relevant
Air pollutant emissions 305-7 Not relevant
Polluted discharge 303-1, 303-3 Water
Waste generation 102-56 Waste Collection and Recycling
External assurance for environmental indicators 102-56 Not conducted
Certification of the environmental management system (EMS) Not conducted
Risk events / incidents Not identified
Improvement program Environmental efficiency


Indicator GRI Standards Page
Key principles of recruitment and employee development Human resources policy
Codes and procedures (including a collective bargaining agreement) Human resources policy
Management and control system / accountability system Organizational Structure
Employee structure and diversity 102-8, 102-12, 4005,1 Human resources policy
Fair remuneration 102-12, 405-2 Remuneration Policy
Employee turnover Human resources policy
Human rights 102-12 Organizational Structure
Human capital development (training) 404-1 Training and development
Employee development programs Training and development
Percentage of employees from local communities 100%
Talent acquisition and retention Training and development
Employee performance assessment 404-3 Organizational Structure
Incentive program Training and development
Employee satisfaction indicators Healthcare and occupational safety
Health and safety 403-2 Healthcare and occupational safety
Stakeholder engagement 102-43, 102-19, 102-20, 103,2 Communication with Professional Community
Strategic priorities of charity programs 413-1 Charitable Assistance
Types of charity projects and community development initiatives (including indigenous peoples) 201-1 Charitable Assistance
Charitable contributions Charitable Assistance
Risk events / incidents Risk Map