Valuation center

The NSD’s Valuation Centre is being further developed. Every day it calculates the value of about 800 exchange-traded ruble-denominated and mortgage-backed bonds and publishes reference pricing data for over 1,500 instruments.

In 2018, the Valuation Center’s Expert Council approved the Fair Value Measurement methodology for Russian bonds placed by the Finance Ministry on the global capital market. The methodology is based on IFRS 13 and measures fair prices of eurobonds taking into account data about the Russian and foreign OTC markets, quotations, price behaviors of issues with different maturity dates, and interest rates. Publication of Eurobond prices using the new methodology started in December 2018.

In 2018, MOEX and the Interfax news agency launched RU Data Price, a service intended to measure the value and risks of bonds using data from the Price Centre and Thomson Reuters. MOEX also launched its new product, a «single window» for corporate information disclosure.