Market data

The primary focus of Moscow Exchange’s information services is providing market data containing value, quantity and volume parameters for bids and transactions made on its markets, as well as aggregated indicators used in its financial and investment activities: market prices and recognized quotations. Information services related to the provision of market data include real-time quotation flows, official trade results for each trade session on each market, and archival data accumulated by MOEX over a long period. Information about quotations provided by MOEX is used extensively by traders in their risk management and automatic trade systems, and is posted on public websites of media vendors and traders to attract new clients and create new derivative indicators reflecting the condition of the Russian financial market.

To deliver information about trading, MOEX uses both the infrastructure of partners who include leading Russian and international media vendors (currently more than 20), and the interfaces of its own corporate website and those of special programs developed by MOEX. As part of the development of its information business to provide quotation flows and historical data, MOEX has concluded over 450 information agreements, including almost 400 with Russian counterparties.

In 2018, MOEX launched a new information service for traders that provides prompt reports on non-standard transactions in order to improve the internal control over compliance with legal requirements and the requirements of the financial markets regulator on the traders’ side. This service makes it possible for market participants to receive and respond on a daily basis to information about their own non-standard bids and transactions, and to respond to non-standard bids and transactions by clients. Besides higher efficiency, traders are able to evenly distribute their month’s work in terms of analyzing non-standard bids and transactions and preparing monthly reporting to the regulator.

MOEX introduced new principles of defining Non-Display Usage of its market data for its traders and information clients. This step helped to further align the terms of using the Exchange’s market data for traders and other clients who benefit from MOEX’s information services. In 2018, more than 200 contracts were signed with new partners.

All necessary technologies have been prepared to launch a service giving access to historical trading data on the bonds market, which will help to increase interest among new potential players and investors to this segment of the on-exchange equity & bond market, including by enabling deeper analysis of historical data on fixed income instruments. The product is planned to launch in the first quarter of 2019.