Training and development

MOEX’s training and development systems consist of educational programs, tools for growth in the work place and self-education. MOEX encourages employees to take charge of their own education, providing them with advanced technology and the necessary resources and opportunities. Starting from 2017, MOEX adhered to the 70-20-10 education concept that calls for shifting the educational focus to self-education and workplace development (70% of efforts), alongside with learning from others’ experience (20%) and hands-on training sessions (10%).

692 employees took part in various educational programs and trainings.

Professional and compulsory training is the priority. MOEX also focuses on the development of employee competences along with the leadership and project management skills necessary to deliver on strategic projects. These educational initiatives account for up to 30% of time. In 2018, the third educational stream began, pursuant to the Management Faculty program with 40 Group employees expanding their leadership competences. Under the Project Faculty program, 30 employees developed their project management and design thinking skills.

The Professional Faculty launched an Internal Coaches project, under which the Group’s employees hold master classes, trainings and workshops to share unique knowledge with their colleagues. In 2018, ten MOEX employees were elevated to the status of internal coaches, and held 16 trainings on various topics attended by 135 employees.

Every year the company holds a Week of Knowledge for Group employees to familiarize themselves with educational trends. In 2018, over 400 employees attended master classes dedicated to development of the critical thinking and emotional intelligence.

Educational programs for senior executives include both individual and group trainings. To ensure continuous development of the company’s management, a leading European business school developed and implemented a program to develop strategic management and leadership skills.

Special attention was given to performance management, particularly the feedback component of performance management. The working instruments of the company’s leadership in this regard were the results obtained from MOEX FeedBack and the updated 360-degree survey. Plans for 2019 consist of launch of Dialogue Workshop, a specialized training course for senior managers of all levels.

In 2018, MOEX upgraded its talent management program, seeking to put in place a consistent performance and capabilities assessment process to establish long-term individual plans for professional and career development. The program places particular emphasis on discussions around succession planning and building a pool of potential successors to key positions. The Group runs a succession planning program for members of executive bodies, including at the subsidiaries, to define a pool of successors to key positions and put in place individual succession development plans.