Organizational Structure

MOEX pays close attention to continually improving efficiency of its business processes and management systems.

In 2018, two key areas — sales and product development — were separated as part of an effort to ensure standard market division structures. To promote the Exchange’s products and services for designated segments of customers and to facilitate cross-market activities, as well as to organize complex cross-market work with key customers and issuers, new business units were established. These changes were aimed at enhancing the efficiency of each market, optimizing business processes and unifying the customer engagement process, including with the aim of improving customer satisfaction and the total volume of services. This transformation was designed to introduce a flatter management structure within business units, which is in line with the goals of implementing MOEX’s cross-market strategic initiatives, and growing career opportunities for employees. In 2018, a new business unit was established to create a financial product Marketplace platform.

The organizational chart is shown in section Organizational chart of Moscow Exchange.

At the end of the reporting year, the membership of the MOEX’s Executive Board decreased from six to five members as Sergey Polyakov, Managing Director for IT, left for another company. Since December, Dmitry Shcheglov, Managing Director for Operations, a member of the Executive Board, has overseen the IT business units. Igor Marich, Managing Director of the Money and Derivatives Markets took responsibility for project management and process optimization.