Share Capital

Information on shares composing the share capital
Type, category, and form of shares Ordinary registered uncertificated shares
State registration number of shares issue 1-05-08443-H
Par value of one share RUB 1
Number of shares composing the share capital 2,276,401,458 shares
Share capital RUB 2,276,401,458
Share search code / ISIN MOEX / RU000A0JR4A1

In 2018, Moscow Exchange’s share capital remained unchanged. As of 31 December 2018, it amounted to RUB 2,276,401,458 and the number of outstanding ordinary shares stood at 2,276,401,458. Pursuant to the Exchange’s Charter, each share grants the right to one vote at the General Meeting of Shareholders.

The shares are traded on Moscow Exchange’s own trading platform (ticker: MOEX) and are included in the first-level quotation list. The shares are a constituent of the Russian market benchmark indices, the MOEX Russia Index and the RTS Index, which are comprised of up to 50 stocks issued by Russia’s largest traded companies. The Exchange’s shares are also a constituent of the MOEX Index 10 (which is comprised of the 10 most liquid Russian stocks), the sectoral index for Finance and the equity sub-index of the Pension Savings Assets Index.

The Exchange’s shares are included in a number of global indices, such as those calculated by MSCI, MV Index Solutions, S&P, FTSE, STOXX, Bloomberg, etc. The international index provider MSCI includes MOEX’s shares for the purpose of calculation of the MSCI Russia Index and the MSCI Emerging Markets Index. As of 25 January 2019, the weight of MOEX shares in the MSCI Russia Index was 0.96%. MV Index Solutions included the Exchange’s shares in the MVIS Russia Index, a benchmark for the largest ETF focusing on the Russian stock market. As of 25 January 2019, the weight of MOEX shares in the index was 2.00%.

Shareholders that own at least 5% of Moscow Exchange’s shares
Shareholders that own at least 5% of votes 31 December 2017 31 December 2018
Number of shares Equity interest Number of shares Equity interest
Central Bank of the Russian Federation 268,151,437 11.780% 268,151,437 11.780%
Sberbank of Russia 227,682,160 10.002% 227,682,160 10.002%
Vnesheconombank 191,299,389 8.404% 191,299,389 8.404%
EBRD 138,172,902 6.070% 138,172,902 6.070%
RDIF Asset Management-6 113,893,490 5.003% 113,893,490 5.003%

According to the information available to the Exchange, no shareholder possesses any degree of control over the company disproportionate to their holding of the Exchange’s share capital, as per a shareholder agreement or other agreement. The Exchange has not issued preferred shares, for instance those with a different nominal value. The share capital structure does not include any instrument that would provide the holder control over the company disproportionate to its stake in the company.

As of 31 December 2018, the total number of MOEX shareholders was 36,991, including 36,007 individual shareholders.

As of 31 December 2018, MICEX-Finance, a controlled entity of the Exchange, held 26,014,430 shares (1.143% of the capital).

In the reporting period, MOEX did not execute any relatedparty transactions with any special terms. All transactions were market-based and had the same terms as those of transactions made with the Company’s other counterparties.